Vapor Pro:A high-performance sidechain of Bytom

Vapor is a layer 2 scalability solution that uses cross-chain technology to interact with the Bytom mainchain. Compared to Ethereum, the Vapor sidechain boasts faster transactions, lower costs, and less risk of congestion.

  • Extreme TPS

    High-speed block generation, sidechain reaches 16,000 TPS

  • Pluggable module

    Support for DEX, virtual machine, and other enterprise-level custom business modules.

  • Open contract consensus

    Consensus nodes participate in block generation and transaction matching.

BApp framework
Provide complete application setup services
Realize efficient flow of external assets and sidechain assets
MOV financial services
Provide exchange、lending and stablecoin services
Trusted node service
Provides oracle and random number services
To better maintain the Vapor network, Bytom Foundation plan to spend 10 million BTM per year as node rewards (amount adjusted every year). This is comprised of 6 million BTM for Block Producer Nodes and 4 million BTM for Standby Block Producer nodes.
Block Producer
Standby Block Producer
Candidate Node

Node application

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Create node

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